Geological Series

The Geological Series is a collection of abstract compositions that explore the relationship between material and creativity. The works feature organic, fluid shapes inspired by geological wonders, such as volcanic eruptions and impact craters. The dreamy, otherworldly quality of the pieces is achieved through the use of intense shades of blue, black, and gold, created by the interplay of ink, wax, and paraffin.

The abstract forms in these works invite viewers to recognize patterns and familiar shapes within the chaos. The formless paint and vivid concentration of color serve to increase our appreciation for the aesthetics. The work invites viewers to embrace the formless, bask in the abstract, and experience the knowledge within the intangible. It is a celebration of the power of art to reveal the beauty and mystery of the abstraction.


Madre-Pérola is a series where the artist explores the interaction between the transparency of glass and its background. The forms' fluidity is due to the wax's liquid behavior when it comes into contact with heat. The borders between the color layers provide a multi-layered perspective of the abstract artwork.

Each artwork of this series is a captivating example of how the artist skillfully uses color, creating a unique and intriguing artwork that blends the borders of each color layer seamlessly. The series is an exquisite balance between transparency and opacity, fluidity and structure, color, and form. It showcases the beauty that can be found in abstract art.

Daily Works

As the Brazilian art critic, Mario Pedrosa once said, "Art is the experimental exercise of freedom". The series "Diários" exemplifies this idea, bringing together a dynamic interplay of various materials such as wax, acrylic paint, glitter, and heat. The combination of these materials produces expressive and captivating compositions that showcase the artist's experimentation with the limits of creative freedom. Each piece in the series is a unique and thought-provoking exploration of the possibilities of artistic expression, inviting the viewer to join in the experimental exercise of freedom.

My art is inspired by the interplay of materials—wax and paint—forming abstract landscapes. My expression is free from any other intent than beauty and mindfulness, besides my formal education in Art: Criticism, Curatorship, and History, along with my roles as an art educator.

Using wax and acrylics, I explore the uncontrolled flow of melted wax, guided by a heat blower. Everyday materials like candles and available paints shaped my early works, later enhanced by the discovery of a windblower technique.

My approach involves letting the materials dictate the outcome, emphasizing the belief that everyone has a unique artistic voice—a special imagery to share. Art, for me, is an advanced form of language, communicating beauty and freedom of thought.

While my pieces may resemble galaxies or geological formations, they differ from the approach of artists like Tomie Ohtake. I draw inspiration from the freedom of the process, focusing on conveying beauty and fostering freedom of thought.

Starting a new piece involves responding to an internal urge, selecting canvas, color, and wax, and letting heat facilitate an organic interaction between materials.

About the Artist

Camila Vieso creates abstract landscapes and constellations through a colorful chemistry achieved in the interplay between acrylic paint and heat. The unrolled process between the interactions of materials creates the abstract beauty that she seeks to convey in her works.

With a formal education in Art: History, Criticism, and Curatorship from PUC SP, she currently explores Latin American Studies at UVA. As a freelance critic, she contributed to REVISTA DESVIO, exploring critical perspectives on art and culture.

As an art educator and independent critic, the artist seeks to integrate new technologies, pushing traditional boundaries. Her dedication to advancing knowledge aligns with a belief in the unique artistic voice within each individual. Art, to her, is the universal language of beauty and freedom of thought


2023 Vrij Paleis: Collective Exhibition

2021 Baltan Laboratories: Social Design Residency

Social Designer

Created and executed a project called "The immigrant's imagery museum". Curatorship course resulting in a virtual and physical Art exhibition.

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

Art Fair Assistant

2019 Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica

Educator/ Curator


Art-Educator FILE Electronic Language International Festival 


Art-Educator O ritmo do Espaço: Yutaka Toyota 

14-17 Sesc Belenzinho


Art-Educator Silvio Santos Vem Aí


Art-Educator Uma Pedra no Espaço: Paulo Mendes da Rocha

31 Bienal de São Paulo

Art-Educator Como Falar de coisas que não existem

13-18 Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo